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Introduction to Issue 4 

A Message from the Publishers
World Explorers Bureau & Redpoint Resolutions

Guest EditorialRobb Saunders

11am, I was certain that I must have travelled well over ten kilometers since I left this morning. There could be no way that I had been walking for less than that. There was only one road to travel on for the next few days. Its gradient forever changing, like the sun trying its utmost to make itself known through the thick grey clouds that were sprinkling its watery remnants down upon me.

The 16 Best Fingerless Gloves [2021 Review]

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  • Sistema Huautla, the Deepest Cave in the Americas

    In the summer of 1965 three young Texas weekend spelunkers drove a low riding car up a newly constructed dirt road in the Sierra Mazateca of the northern part of the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca.

    They were seeking caves with the potential to be the deepest in the Americas. They had it right. As soon as they got in the vicinity of Huautla de Jimenez, they started finding cave entrances.

    Bill Steele Read More

  • 50.

    Doesn't look much in print does it? A good cricket score, a nice denomination note to have in your back pocket but when it comes to years it is a watershed birthday.

    No longer can you pretend to still be young and it is time to think of some things that you want to do, and well, get a wiggle on!

    So I decided to attempt something a bit special for my fiftieth year and to travel and climb as near to the stars as it is possible to get on Earth.

    Jonathan Stercke
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  • A myriad of thoughts flitted through my mind as I devoured Ken�䏭 generous breakfast at the Club Hotel in Wiluna. I packed the calories in as if it was my last supper. Before leaving, I took the opportunity to make a few final calls as this was my last chance for a few weeks to speak on a land line.

    I called Arnaud and also my mother, to wish her happy birthday. I would be able to use the satellite phone to �焝heck in��, but as it was incredibly expensive, I planned to make only short calls once a week unless there was an emergency.Departing from the �熎elcome to Paradise�� sign, I headed north, keen not to lose too much time.

    Kate Leeming
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